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Animated industrial for TORAY’s display at the 2007 Detroit Car Show 
This industrial was created for TORAY’s booth at the Detroit Auto Show. It was designed to allude to the variety of products TORAY manufactured and their benefits to the automotive community .  more >>

Over 100 video assets for Pure Digital’s FLIP video camera; real guerilla advertising
Pure Digital needed over 200 video assets for a guerrilla campaign they wanted to launch on YOUTUBE, MYSPACE and...  more >> 

Revisions needed as OFFSIDE develops further
Offside, a comedy about a scandal in the European Soccer leagues co-written by Robert Pietri, has attached a director and is close to locking down the funds for principal photography.  more >>WORK_-_TORAY.htmlWORK_-_TORAY.htmlWORK_-_PURE_01.htmlWORK_-_PURE_01.html